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SaiyogImpex is among some of the well known sourcing agents and buying house of India for leather and fabric accessories for men, women and children, as well as home products like furniture, home linen, and decoration/gift items.

The company, since its establishment has witnessed a continuous and consistent growth under the guidance of its Director who has an experience of more than three decades in the domain of sourcing and buying for international brands and a team of promising and enterprising entrepreneurs who endeavor to continuously take the company to higher levels.

The long and ongoing experience and presence in this domain has helped us in establishing a strong network of professional and reliable suppliers who are backed with modern technology and experienced as well as efficient manpower.

An important point to mention here would be to highlight the importance of such a network in our domain today. India is at the threshold of globalization and the market is saturated with the numerous international buyers wanting to have their product fabricated in the Indian market. Contrary to the past situation where the market was buyer oriented it has today become supplier oriented. This means that a lot of good factories do not entertain new clients, firstly because they normally have enough clientele to fulfill their needs and secondly because in the current state of world economy a new business needs a lot of precautions. But if Saiyog gets new clients then they are at ease because of the trust that they have in us.

Apart from our strong network base, the company has always had a set of extremely rigorous policies and precise strategies to achieve its said objectives namely maintenance of required quality standards, follow ups for timely deliveries et al.

Some of our strong points are:
  • Our research and development team which closely follows the fashion trends therein gearing us up with the latest samples and designs to offer to our clients each season.

  • A strict follow up with the suppliers right from the stage one till the final dispatch of the shipment.
    i. As soon as we receive a request from our client for the development of a particular product, a choice of the appropriate factory is made based on the quality required and the target price requested.
    ii. After the nomination of the factory the development is then forwarded and sample is requested based on the time frame of the factory.
    iii. If the orders are placed then the follow ups continue till the last stages of the dispatch of the inspected shipment.

  • A constant interaction with our clients enables us to better understand their requirements and consequently provide an efficient and precise service. Moreover our team is a multilingual with proficient communication skills in the following languages - English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • 100% quality assurance has been a motto that has played a major role in the success and growth of the company. Every shipment is stringently inspected by our team of trained inspectors at three important stages:
    i. when the raw material is in-house
    ii. when the first round of production is ready
    iii. and then the final inspection before the product goes into packaging

  • Client satisfaction has always been our priority and objective. Every client no matter what his requirements are is valuable and we strive to make him happy. The client is systematically and continually updated on the status of his orders or samples as well as on all technical issues pertaining to the product so that the final product leaves according to the confirmed norms.

  • Last but not the least, not only does the company has a long running relationship with its clients but is also always open to developing new relationships with new clients having the same zeal and passion that we have.

    Looking forward to a bright future and healthy business relationship.

Saiyog Impex Saiyog Impex
Saiyog Impex
Saiyog ImpexSaiyog ImpexSaiyog ImpexSaiyog Impex